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Study yourself in open science online courses!

The Finnish Open Science Online Resource (in English)

This resource is a result of collaboration between Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish Doctoral School Network, University of Helsinki and Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

 This resource is designed as an introduction to Open Science and Research principles and practices for doctoral students and other research active members new to Open Science and Research. The resource introduces principles, concepts, and new ways of doing research with the view that at every step the learning can be related to the research the learner is working on.


The online course of the ATT project (in Finnish and in English)

In October 2016, the Open Science and Research project (ATT) published an open-access online course titled Open Science and Research. This course introduces you to the basics, benefits and possibilities of open science from the perspectives of individual researchers and society at large. The course is suitable for everyone interested in the practices of open science.

 The course material mainly consists of basic knowledge produced in the ATT project about open science presented as texts, pictures and videos. The course also includes researchers’ and other experts’ views on open science.


Expert tour guide on Data management (in English)

This tour guide by CESSDA ERIC (the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium) aims to put social scientists like yourself at the heart of making their research data findable, understandable, sustainably accessible and reusable.

This tour guide was written for social science researchers who are in an early stage of practising research data management. With this tour guide, CESSDA wants to contribute to increased professionalism in data management and to improving the value of research data.