Tailored information sessions for departments

The experts of the Open Science Centre are ready to give presentations, be it a monthly departmental meeting, a separate training session or an event with larger audience. 

We offer JYU departments ready training modules, so that people can promptly update their knowledge about the relevant field of open science. Contact us and invite us for a visit!


Data management services at JYU (20 min + time for questions and discussion)

Did you know that your externally funded research project is entitled to a variety of free tools and services that JYU maintains for data storing, version management, communication, information security, publishing and archiving? And that more services are underway? Representatives of our research support team would be happy to visit your department or research group, give an information session and answer your questions.

Contact person: Information Specialist Janne Seppänen


General issues of data management planning (20 min + time for questions and discussion)

This information session deals with the purpose and general issues of a data management plan, including matters related to data standards, storing, data protection, publishing and archiving, and how to describe the research infrastructure of JYU in the data management plan.

Contact persons: Information Specialists Juuso Marttila & Janne Seppänen


Workshop on data management planning (varying duration)

In DMP (Data Management Plan) workshops you can process the problematic points of your DMP with experts. Note, however, that just before and during the most hectic application periods there is great demand for our advice services, so please collect several questions for a workshop request within your unit. In quieter times of the year we will have more time for workshops, even for individual plans. As DMPs are made for actual research work and not just for funding applications, any time is good for improving it!

Contact persons: Information Specialists Juuso Marttila & Janne Seppänen


Open-access publishing (40 min)

A concise package of basic knowledge on different forms of open-access publishing. The session deals with self-archiving and the basics of publishing in open-access journals. We will discuss the pros and cons of hybrid publications and introduce a possibility to publish preprints, that is, non-peer-reviewed articles. Furthermore, we will also discuss field-specific possibilities for open publishing of monographies. 

Contact person: Information Specialist Arto Ikonen


The quality of open-access journals and selecting the publishing channel (40 min)

When researchers are looking for an open-access publishing channel, they often need to think about the quality and effectiveness of the channel as well. This information session gives tips for assessing the quality of a publishing channel and selecting tools for the assessment. 

Contact person: Service Manager Irene Ylönen


Crea­ti­ve Com­mons li­cences (30 min)

Creative Commons (CC) licences provide an easy way to license any kind of material intended for open-access distribution: articles, books, learning materials and data. The session deals with the content of CC licences and gives tips how researchers can benefit from such licences in their publishing and teaching projects. 

Contact person: Service Manager Irene Ylönen


ORCID workshop (60 min)

ORCID (researcheridentifier.fi) is a register of unique identifiers for researchers. It is open, public, international and community based. The researcher identifiers solve confusions related to name changes, identical names of different persons or differently written names of the same person. The ID decreases the need to enter your personal and publication data multiple times in different systems. The University of Jyväskylä encourages researchers to use the ORCID identifier. If they wish, researchers can authorise Converis to update their new approved publications to their ORCID profile. In the workshop you create a unique ORCID profile and learn how to update it. 

More information: opetus@kirjasto.jyu.fi


Self-archiving to JYX (30 min)

What is self-archiving and why is it worthwhile? The information session deals with JYU practices for self-archiving and looks at what can already be self-archived today. We will also go through the publishers’ conditions for self-archiving, for example, the right version of the article and the embargo (publishing delay).

Contact person: Information specialist Arto Ikonen