Access to Taylor & Francis and Wiley electronic journals at risk

Ongoing negotiations in a challenging situation

If the negotiations with FinELib consortium and publishers Taylor & Francis and Wiley aren’t going to be successful there will be no more access in JYU to electronic journals of these publishers starting February 2019. All Finnish universities which have the agreement with these publishers are facing the same situation. There have been access to 1800 T&F journals (list.pdf) and 1300 Wiley journals (list.pdf) in JYU.

If there will be no more access to these journals there are several alternative ways to gain access to articles. (e.g. Finding Open Access Articles and FinELib's Alternative access).

Read more about the ongoing negotiations on FinELib's web page.

FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, research institutions and public libraries. It negotiates e-resource license agreements for the Finnish scholarly community.


Director, Ari Muhonen, OSC
Service Manager, Irene Ylönen, OSC
Information Specialist, Arto Ikonen, OSC

Head of Services, Arja Tuuliniemi, FinELib (