Open access payments of the research funded by Academy of Finland or European Union from 1.9.2021

Publications of the research funded by Academy of Finland or European Union must be published immediately open access.

According the Plan S the immediate openness of research publications is possible to achieve

Publishing fees in Open Science Centre

From 1st of September 2021 Open Science Centre will handle the open access publishing fees of the research funded by organisations (e.g. Academy of Finland, EU) which endorse Plan S.

The corresponding author affiliated to University of Jyväskylä should contact Open Science Centre ( before submitting the manuscript to a publisher.

Agreements for researchers of JYU: no additional publication fees

JYU has several agreements with scientific publishers which enable publish articles open without additional payments. Publishing articles open under the transformative agreements is Plan S compliant.
Up-to-date list of the agreements, instructions for corresponding author and the links to eligible journals.

You can use Journal Checker Tool to check if the journal is compliant with Plan S or you can ask it from the publisher.

Open Science Centre will help you with questions concerning open access publishing:

More information:

Academy of Finland: Open Science
Academy of Finland: FAQ about Plan S
Horizon Europe: Program Guide (pdf)

cOAlition S = A group of national research funding organisations aiming to make full and immediate Open Access of research publications a reality. Organisations endorsing Plan S.
Plan S = An iniatitive for Open Access publishing with 10 principles