Instructions for publishing a dissertation in the University of Jyväskylä research series JYU Dissertations

Here are instructions for publishing a dissertation in a Jyväskylä University research series JYU Dissertations.

Dissertations are published in JYU Dissertations series in electronic form.

A Word-template for dissertations should be used, if possible (see Important guidelines and forms below).

The doctoral candidate may order additional printed copies (B5, binded) of his or her dissertation at self-cost. They are not included in the university series. However, the publishing services assist the printing process free of charge. Also two extra copies will be produced and handed over to the National Library of Finland (Finnish Legal Deposit Act). Also these two copies will also be charged from the doctoral candidate.

The resolution of pictures and figures should be 300 dpi. The doctoral candidate is responsible for the proofreading of the manuscript as well as proper referencing, However, you may choose whatever referencing style (for example APA) as long as you use it consistently.

The recommended length of the abstracts (FI/EN) at the beginning of the manuscript is about 2200 characters (including publication information and keywords).

Important guidelines and forms

Publishing costs

Publishing in JYU Dissertations is free of charge for the doctoral candidate. This includes the online publishing and three printed copies for the public defence.

The publishing schedule of a dissertation published in JYU Dissertations series

Before setting a date for the public defence of a dissertation

  • Get faculty permission to defend the dissertation
  • Contact the scientific editor of the series
  • Article-based thesis: Ask permissions from publishers for reprinting your articles in the online thesis. The publishing services will assist you, if necessary.

Two months before the public defence

  • Send the material to the scientific editor of the series for reading
  • Have the dissertation material evaluated at the publishing services and get guidance on how to get it ready for publishing
  • Agree on when the dissertation material is delivered to the publishing services. You may send it as a doc/docx -file.

One month before the public defence

  • Have the material edited and ready for publishing in the publishing services
  • Approval of proofs

Five days before the public defence

  • The dissertation is published online the JYX Digital Archive. After the public defence, no changes will be made to dissertations published in JYX.
  • Have copies of the dissertation distributed to the opponent and the chair of the defence (kustos)
  • Optional: Present your topic to the Rector of the University (Book a time at the office of Rector's secretary). NOTE: The Rector will receive the electronic version of your dissertation directly from the publishing services.

See also the intructions for organizing the public examination of dissertations during the pandemic of COVID 19.

ISBN identifiers of dissertations

The publishing services provides ISBN identifiers for dissertations to be published in JYU Dissertations series.

Distribution of dissertations

Distribution of dissertations published in a university series

The distribution of dissertations published in a university series is taken care of by the University Library publishing services and the Jyväskylä University Printing House.

The candidate is only responsible for the distribution of dissertation copies to the chair of the public defence and the opponent.

Distribution of a dissertation published elsewhere