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Library Tutorial guides you in academic information seeking. Unlike everyday information searches, information seeking for research is not just simple fact-checking or quick browsing. It is a planned, justified and step-by-step process that is an integral part of research.

A stock photo of the information seeking process.


Make your information seeking systematic! Study Library Tutorial independently or take the course LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking! Suomeksi: Kirjastotuutori ja LIB1THP Tiedonhankinnan perusteet.

  • Library Tutorial is an open self-study website for information seeking implemented by the Open Science Centre (Library) of the University of Jyväskylä. It also serves as study material for the information seeking courses.

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The basic idea of the Library Tutorial comes from Carol Kuhlthau's information seeking process model, which we have developed together with students to suit the needs of our own university.

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