Responsible publication metrics

Publication metrics analyses the relationships between publications and citations. It can be used as part of research assessment, whether that's for the entire university or for smaller entities. Publication metrics is also called bibliometrics, citation analysis, and is part of the wider concept of scientometrics.

Use of publication metrics in research assessment has become more common in last decades. Proliferation and development of citation databases and associated analysis suites has made publication metrics easily available, and users no longer need to be able to do their own analyses, but can use automatically compiled metrics. Quantitative publication metrics has become quicker and faster than qualitative assessment of the value of research, resulting in sometimes problematic practices and concerns of misuse. Consequently, many recommendations and position declarations on research assessment and responsible use of publication metrics have been issued in recent years.

”Researcher assessment shapes and directs research. The entire research community must take responsibility on principles and practices of researcher assessment."

Good practice in researcher evaluation. Recommendation for the responsible evaluation of a researcher in Finland, 2020.