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JYUcite offers the Co-Citation Percentile Rank (CPR) -metric for research outputs. CPR is a new kind of metric for academic citation impact, which normalizes the number of citations an output has gained, by time since publication, and by research question.

JYUcite is also a DORA -compliant way to explore a person's publication list: just enter person's ORCID to get a list of their article titles, co-authors and citation impacts - but not journal names or institutional affiliations, whose prestige could bias your assessment of the person's research merits.
logo for JYUpolicyImpactJYUpolicyImpact showcases the citation impact of research produced at University of Jyväskylä, in policy documents (e.g. government, NGO, and think-tank pubications) around the world. .
logo for myMetricsmyMetrics calculates, aggregates and links to various metrics of citation impact for just your own research outputs. Requires sign-in with your personal JYU credentials.
logo for OSCandidatesOSCandidates discovers researchers whose career stage and research interests match with terms you define. You can use this for example to head-hunt candidates for open positions, or to enhance the diversity of your peer reviewer or speaker panels, or simply to find interesting potential research collaborators to approach. Requires sign-in with your personal JYU credentials.

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