Databases for music education and music sciense 

  • Oxford Music Online: electronic reference book containing music articles.
  • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature: International reference database for music literature.
  • Music Periodicals Database: international music journal article database, plenty of full-text articles.
  • JSTOR: the magazine selection includes music magazines with full-text articles as its own Music group
  • Naxos Music Library: online library of art music.
  • In e-book collections, such as Ebook Central and Ebsco eBook Collection, you can browse e-books by topic.

 Multidisciplinary and music research databases containing different disciplines

Library Databases

  • From JYKDOK, our own database, you can find music books, magazines and databases as well as theses graduated at the University of Jyväskylä.
  • Finna is a search portal for Finnish libraries, archives and museums, which you can use to search for material if the book or magazine you need cannot be found in JYKDOK. Finna includes the collections of the University of the Arts Helsinki. You can order material from Finna as a interlibrary loan, for example, for your thesis.
  • JaNet is a collection database of JAMK University of Applied Sciences. You can join the library of the University of Applied Sciences as a customer and make use of the library of the Finnish Music Campus. You can search for JaNet material on the JYKDOK search in the Jyväskylä Other Libraries tab.
  •  In the Finnish Articles (before ARTO) tab, you can find publication information on Finnish music-related articles. You can search for this material in the Finnish Articles tab of the JYKDOK search.
  • Information on domestic records and notes can be found in VIOLA, the Finnish National Discography.

Electronic materials

The e-materials available at the University of Jyväskylä can be found at JYKDOK. You can limit your search to books (printed and electronic), magazines (printed and electronic) or databases; e.g. music databases.

JYKDOK also offers the opportunity to search for international articles by selecting tab    "international articles search". This search is best suited for surveying information seeking and finding out the availability of articles.

You can browse the key databases of music science and education with JYKDOK's Browse Databases function. From the right-hand side, you can choose musicology as the discipline and, if desired, a more specific type of material, such as reference works and dictionaries (Handbooks and dictionaries).

To get scientific articles for your search, you can use the music databases or international articles tab to narrow the search to peer-reviewed ones.

Most e-resources only work on devices in the University of Jyväskylä network. You can also access e-resources outside the university by logging in to JYKDOK with your own HAKA IDs.

Further information

The Library Tutorial is an open online learning material for the basics of information seeking. 

You can complete the Basics of Information Seeking (LIB1THP) as an online course (1 ECTS) at the bachelor's seminar stage. In the course, you will make a information seeking plan guided by your own topic, and you will receive feedback on your plan.

Data Management Plan (LIB1DATA) online course (1 ECTS). In the course, you will make a data management plan for your own research topic.