Sport sciences

Publication procedures and the principles of data creation may vary according to the discipline. The main focus of sport sciences is on international research and international refereed journal publications are favored in publishing.

Developing skills in searching and managing information

Learning independently

Library Tutorial

An online course (1 ECTS cr), based on Library Tutorial, where you learn the basics of systematic information seeking and reference management.

Research Data Management

Research data management is part of your scientific competence. Lean on an e-course (1 ECTS cr) how to make a data management plan for your thesis.

Enrolling for library courses

Courses for degree students. E.g. Reference manager Zotero: how to manege references with Zotero. And how to create references and bibliography by Word.

Courses for personnel and researchers

Main resources

Journal articles

Library tutorial: Finding scholarly journals and articles

JYKDOK: Browse for databases + field of science: sport

Finnish articles

JYKDOK: article search

International articles

Other disciplines

Citations and impact factors


Library tutorial: Finding books

Dissertations and theses

Handbooks and dictionaries

Library tutorial: Defining topic and finding search terms

Thesauri and dictionaries

Library tutorial: Search terms and strategy

Reference management

Faculty's guidelines: Tuula Tutkija

reference management software: Zotero is often used if JYU. You can download it online or if you're using university' computer find it from Software Center. Learn to use Zotero, an online bibliographic management program, that allows you to create a personal database of references and generate in-text citations and bibliographies in a variety of styles in library's workshops.


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