How to self-archive?

Research conducted at the University of Jyväskylä is self-archived (parallel published) in the JYX repository. For researchers, self-archiving is easy and simple.

Submit your research article (both the final PDF and the final draft version) using the Converis form in connection of registering the publication data for the University Library.

The University Library verifies the publication permit of the article, checks the archived version and possible embargo and saves the article in JYX.

It is also useful to self-archive older articles in JYX. You can send them to the address You may also request the Library to check the archiving status of your publications. Upon the request, we will send a list of your articles missing from JYX.

Retain the final draft of your article! If necessary, request it to yourself from the corresponding author of the article.


What is a final draft? 

Final draft = Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) = the authors' version = post-print = post-review = the version after peer-review changes but before copy editing and formatting by the publisher.