README examples

README files for documenting data and data diectories are collected on this site.

Example from Educational Sciences:

The data of the X-project are stored on the university's network disk (S: drive) in the Data subfolder inside the folder named Department-Project. The data is further divided into four subfolders in the Data folder:

1. The "original" subfolder contains the original data obtained from archive X. After uploading this data to the folder, it has been cleaned, and necessary edits have been made to it in the analysis. Format: .xlsx, SPSS

2. The "anonymous" subfolder contains data modified for analysis, from which identification information has been removed.

3. The "laboratory" subfolder contains audio files and transcripts from interviews conducted in research laboratories (n=45).

4. The "task answers" subfolder contains the task answers of the people who participated in the study. The data folder also contains: [--] the "variables" file (.xlsx), which contains the descriptions of the variables of the original data.

Example from measuring physical activity, Sports and Health Sciences:

This folder includes the results files analysed using Stata scripts in C:\[path address]

The subfolders indicate the number of the run, e.g. stata_run1, stata_run2, etc.

Each file includes data for one participant. The original data analysed by Stata is named using [ProjectAbbreviation]XXXX.csv (XXXX being the ID of the participant).

[ResultType]_XXXX.csv and [ResultType]_XXXX.dta are the result files produced by Stata. File format .dta is Stata specific.

[ProjectAbbreviation]----.csv moved to new_folder; [ProjectAbbreviation]---- is not included in the original sample N=250.

Run 1:

Run 2:

Run 3: