Publication permits for articles included in a dissertation

The dissertations of the University of Jyväskylä are published online in the JYU Dissertations series. For this purpose, the author needs separate permits for articles included in the dissertation. The author should clarify the permits well in time before finishing the dissertation. When needed, editorial staff at the Open Science Centre will assist the author to sort out necessary permits.

Publishers have very positive attitude on publishing their articles in dissertations. Many publishers allow including the final published version of the article, but some give permission for the manuscript version only. No embargo is set for articles published in dissertations.

Notes for the authors of article dissertations:

  • The articles to be included in the dissertation must be self-archived in JYX as soon as they are published. This way it is no longer necessary to ask for separate permits at the publication stage of the dissertation. See the instructions for self-archiving.
  • Articles can also be linked to the dissertation. Springer and Wiley use read-only links, which are available for each article. From such a link, anyone can access and read the article, and the link can be distributed freely, for example, in social media. In the Springer LINK service, a read-only link is available in the article data, whereas at Wiley the link is ordered using a form.
  • If the dissertation will include an article manuscript that is submitted but not yet approved to a journal (preprint), the author should find out the journal’s/publisher’s policy for possible publication of preprints.
  • If the dissertation will include a draft (often also called as a preprint), that is, a manuscript version not yet offered to any journal, the author should take this into account when selecting the journal for the article. Many journals allow publishing of preprints anytime and anywhere. However, there are smaller publishers and journals that do not yet allow this.
  • Researchers should keep their ORCID profiles and contact information updated.