Publication permits for articles included in a dissertation

The dissertations of the University of Jyväskylä are published online in the JYU Dissertations series.

Publishers have very positive attitude on publishing their articles in dissertations and it is rarely necessary to request a separate permission to publish. If the article has been published open access, it can be attached to a dissertation as the final published version. If the article is not open, it can most often be included as the the final accepted manuscript (final draft). At least the major scientific publishers have clear policies for publishing articles in dissertations.

If the dissertation includes an unpublished article, it can be left out of the electronic version in JYX. However, some publishers approve of the preprint being published online. All articles are included in the printed version of the dissertation.

When needed, editorial staff at the Open Science Centre will assist the author to sort out the publishers’ policies.

The author of the dissertation should self-archive the articles to be included in the dissertation in JYX as soon as they are published. The self-archived version of an article can be included in the dissertation. See the instructions for self-archiving.

Articles published by Springer and Wiley can also be linked to the dissertation as read-only links, which are available for each article. From such a link, anyone can access and read the article, and the link can be distributed freely, for example, in social media.

  • Articles published by Springer can be shared with SharedIt.
  • To receive a sharing link for an article published by Wiley, the author must log in to Author Services.

It is sometimes necessary to request a permission to publish an article in a dissertation if the publisher has not stated its policy. Dissertation authors can use the attached template when asking for permissions to attach their articles to an electronic dissertation. Note the highlighted points of the letter requiring editing.