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Aineistonhallinnan käsikirja (Tietoarkisto)

Tietoarkiston laatimasta aineistonhallinnan käsikirjasta löydät kaikki aineistojen hallintaan liittyvät ohjeet aina aineistonhallinnan suunnittelusta datan käsittelyyn, anonymisointiin ja kuvailuun saakka. Aineistonhallinnan käsikirja on päivitetty vastaamaan uutta EU:n tietosuoja-asetusta.

Making a Research Project Understandable

Guide for data documentation. 

Expert Tour Guide on Data Management

The tour guide by CESSDA ERIC (the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium) aims to put social scientists like yourself at the heart of making their research data findable, understandable, sustainably accessible and reusable.

This tour guide was written for social science researchers who are in an early stage of practising research data management. With this tour guide, CESSDA wants to contribute to increased professionalism in data management and to improving the value of research data.

Open Science Training Course: Managing and Sharing Research Data

 In this course you will learn about managing and sharing findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) data. Produced by FOSTER.